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Full Size: MCR
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If you've ever come across an icon or graphic of My Chemical Romance and you wanted to see the full, original size of it, this is the place to ask for it. We'll do our best to help you out. :)
We're the first and original for LJ, often immitated, never duplicated!

1. Keep everything MCR related. And keep your hormones controlled.

2. Don't post requests for icons that you want made or icons that you have made-there are other places for that. mcr_icons

3. No advertising. We're moderated, it won't go through.

4. Introduction posts are unnecessary and we don't need them. We're glad you're here but if you really feel the need to introduce yourself, do that in your first post asking for an original.

5. Before asking for a picture, try looking back at least 2 pages. Someone else might have had the same request as you. It's probably easier to check our archives first.

6. LJ-Cuts are your friend (3 or more icons or a large graphic go behind a cut)

7. Don't cause drama or you're out. (yes if you fight or piss off the mod on more than one occasion, you will be banned)

8. If you're going to request more than 3 full sizes, make sure you contribute back just as much. Be fair.

9. Don't ask for screen caps, pictures of 'Frankie kissing Gee', 'Mikey in a red t-shirt', 'Gerard grabbing his crotch' etc. unless you are very specific.

10. If you have a banner in your user info that says "don't fullsize me" etc, leave. It's not fair to use us if you won't share in return.

11. No pictures of any of the girlfriends/wives, it's their personal life. If you really want the pictures, you'll know where to look. Just leave their private life out of this community. Don't try and bend the rules.

*12. Don't ask for stuff from Retna, Getty, Wireimage etc.... and do NOT offer to email the photo, do NOT post it and then delete your comment.

Please check the Frequently Asked Questions page for more detailed information and an explanation of the rules.

Any questions or suggestions, contact the mod, wertica_ at her journal.
Original layout by sparklexdreams
Header by wertica_

Promoting is awesome... Save any of the banners to your own server and copy the code in the box below the images. Paste the code into your user info and put in the URL where you saved your banner and you're good to go :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

If you want to be an affiliate, contact the mod wertica_ at her journal.

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